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Lutheran Women’s Tour: Experience the Holy Land in October

Lutheran women are gathering from across Canada to experience the Holy Land together October 23-31, 2016. Registration deadline extended to July 29. Call Keren @ Indus Travels for last-minute information: 1-866-978-2997 ext. 806. Itinerary Information Frequently Asked Questions Registration

Protecting and explaining layers of Church history

Quietly, without drawing attention from their sacred charges, the men in brown robes mingle with tourists and pilgrims alike. For more than seven centuries, the Franciscans, on behalf of Christians of all traditions have kept watch over 50 sites in the Holy Land – 90 percent of the identified Holy places. “The Christian faith is …

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Walking the walk in Galilee

In one of the later scenes of the award-winning film “Lincoln” the American president and his wife are seen riding in a carriage discussing their relationship and their dreams for the future. At one point, Lincoln looks off into the distance and muses about visiting the Holy Land and walking in the footsteps of David …

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